10 Types of woodworking Clamps that You should Know for DIY Project

Are you facing difficulty while working with wood? Are you tired of lifting woods with hands? Clamps are there for you to assist. You need to know the types of woodworking clamps and when to use them.

Knowing about different types of clamps and their uses will help you decide. Make your woodwork easier with clamps. Choose your tool according to your necessity. You may not need all kinds of clamps at the same time.

Let’s not waste time and find out all about clamps for woodworking. It’s better to know about equipment before using it, especially its appliances and classifications.

What Are the Different Types of woodworking Clamps

You can use different types of clamps for various purposes, but most are necessary for woodworking. A Minority of clamps are used for floor, pipes, and other purposes. Let’s see the types of woodworking clamps and when to use them.

  • C- clamps or Carriage Clamp
  • F- clamps.
  • Parallel clamps.
  • Wood hand screw clamps.
  • Pipe clamp fixtures.
  • One-handed/Trigger-Activated bar clamps.
  • Kant-twist clamps.
  • Edge clamps.
  • Sash clamps.
  • Quick action clamps etc.

Benefits of Using a Clamp

We prefer using a power tool when it’s beneficial for us, don’t we? There must be some benefits of using a clamp. Every model of clamps has its features and specialty.

The features help you complete your work at speed. You won’t find any defect after clamping with a clamp. If you want your woodwork to be perfect, use a clamp of the size you want.

As a clamp helps us in woodwork, we should know about it in detail. Let’s have a look at the features of popular clamps for woodwork. 

What is Carriage Clamp or C-clamp?

A C-clamp is also known as a C-clamp, which is unusual. Do you know why it is called a C or C-clamp? Its name is upon its holder’s shape. Its holder where we place a piece of wood and the screw look like the letter C.

It is a metal (often steel) clamp, which is popular in woodwork. But now, the usage of C-clamps has decreased. We can see its uses in carpenters too. This is one of the oldest clamps for woodwork.



Uses of C-clamps

It is used for traditional woodwork, carpeting, and wielding. It doesn’t have any special features. It’s safe to use because it doesn’t have a moving part. If anyone wants to hold the metal or wood piece while working, he can rely upon it.

C-clamps have become outdated nowadays, that’s why it’s losing its popularity. If you don’t have a complicated work to do, you can keep it in your collection.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Metal workpiece
  • Welding
  • Holding edge pieces

What is F-clamps?

Another types of woodworking clamps is F clamp. It is one of the most popular clamps for woodworking project. This clamp is light in weight and low at a price. It portrays the shape of letter F. It has two vertical bars joined to two horizontal bars that create the look F. It’s a new thing to know.

This is made of metal; manufacturers use aluminum and steel to make high-quality F-clamps. You can find the clamps on any online website. Choose your brand after comparing their qualities.



Uses of F-clamps

You will see its usage mostly in wooden furniture factories. Manufacturers prefer this because it’s light in weight, has a beautiful plastic grip. It can do heavy-duty, that’s why it’s more appropriate for furniture manufacturing than welding.

It’s rarely used in carpeting and welding. You can use it while repairing your wooden furniture. You can run a heavy-duty F-clamp by putting much pressure for a long time.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Metal workpiece
  • Welding
  • Holding edge pieces

What is Parallel Clamp?

A parallel clamps is a massive and long-lasting clamp. It’s costly, that’s why woodworkers sometimes prefer not to buy it. Its parallel jaws are made of steel, coated with a deep layer of resin.

Its handles and screws are heavy too. Manufacturers focus on their capacity to take the load. Moreover, they focus on making it long-lasting and robust.

Uses of Parallel Clamps

Parallel clamps are appropriate for opening large capacities. Its deep and massive paralleled jaws allow it to do so. It’s eligible for woodwork, especially in big wood industries.

You can use it to design and shape the wooden doors and windows. As it provides a large opening capacity, you can modify or replace your wooden doors or window with that. But if you want to buy out of your hobby, I would suggest you not to buy it.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Large opening capacity
  • Large distribution area

What is Wood Hand Screw Clamp?

The name “wood hand screw” refers to screws fixed with hands. As it’s a wooden clamp, it’s light in weight. Different sizes of wood hand screw clamps are available in the market.

A wooden clamp’s feature is, its handle and deep throating jaws are made of wood. Woodcutting is natural; that’s why they are easy to make for the manufacturers.

Uses of Wood Hand Screw Clamps

You can use wood hand screw clamps for several purposes, as it is easy-going on metals, plastic, and wood. It can temporarily hold larger workpieces together. Its main feature is it can hold pieces of wood until they are attached.

You can use it for usual woodworks as well as painting in the woods. Due to its light structure, it’s suitable for working on any delicate spot. It is flexible for its double screw feature. You can loose or tight its screws if necessary.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • clamping with good pressure
  • Adjustable jaws
  • Power

What is Pipe Clamp Fixtures?

Its a clamp made of either steel (black) or galvanized metal. Clamps with galvanized pipes are costly. That’s why maximum workers prefer to buy black pipe clamps. You can use it for other purposes, like fixing gas lines.

A pipe clamp is famous for its mechanisms of the screw and its versatile diameter of heads. Its pipe length is high. You can buy it if you need a clamp with multiple features at a low price.

Uses of Pipe Clamp Fixtures

Apart from gas or pipelines, if you think about woodwork, it’s used in edge fixing. You will see this tool at every woodshop that provides tables, cabinets, etc. It holds together the pieces for a long time before gluing.

Do you want to repair your table or cupboard? Or want to repair your kitchen cabinets? Trust the pipe clamp fixtures. They will correctly work on more extensive surfaces and sort out your problems.

Ideal for

  • Holding large items
  • Woodworking
  • Speed
  • Very good when much pressure is required.

What is One-handed/Trigger-Activated Bar Clamp?

It’s known as an easy-grip bar clamp in the market. It’s vast, so you can’t buy it to keep it in your home. Moreover, its functions are almost the same as pipe clamps. So, sometimes workers use this clamp instead of pipe clamps.

The materials of the bar clamp have variations due to different manufacturer companies. Most of its body parts consist of metal. You can search for its photos on Google or see it if you’re working at a woodshop.

One-handed Bar Clamp

One-handed Bar Clamp

Uses of One-handed Bar Clamps

Do you want to install or remove any wooden furniture or object? Use the one-handed bar clamps to serve your purpose. Carpeting, welding, cabinets, tabletops are the suitable sections of easy-grip bar clamps.

Its unique feature is it can fix the parts of wooden furniture within a short time. If you’re in a hurry and want to stick your furniture, rely upon the bar clamps.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Metalwork
  • One-handed
  • Pressure

What is Kant-twist Clamp?

It’s the newest version of C-clamps. It’s lighter than the old version and has more functions too. Its jaws allow it to deep throat, large opening. Manufacturers use stainless steel to produce high-quality Kant-twist clamps.

The tool has color varieties as well as various shapes of the handle. Its spring tension controller increases its speed. It does its work correctly for its advanced structure. Kant-twist clamps are easy to store.

Uses of Kant-twist Clamps

It’s famous in the field of drilling, welding, gluing of wooden objects. Due to its stable body parts and durable structure, it quickly glues the desired pieces of wood. It’s used upon hard surfaces.

Its long holders can hold for a long time; the unique sharp holders can also drill. That’s why it’s favorite to American workers. Collect your Kant-twist clamp today from a shop or online.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Metalworkers

What is Edge Clamp?

Edge clamp refers to a clamp for edges. It’s easy to carry, and it has different shapes too. It’s made of metal. It’s a two in one clamp, and you can convert some edge clamps to bar clamps anytime.

They are not heavy duty clamps, so put them on medium pressure. Buy the best edge clamps from the best manufacturing company; use it as a home appliance.

Uses of Edge Clamps

Edge clamps hold medium-weight trims, fit the edges of any wooden furniture fast. While realigning, it holds the surface tight, without damaging it. It has high rates on the Internet because of its quick gluing feature.

It uses plastic to prevent workpieces from slipping. However, an edge clamp is essential. You can watch video tutorials and prepare a hand-made edge clamp for yourself.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Assemblies

What is Sash Clamp?

Sash clamp is another famous category of a clamp. It has a movable clamp head; you can move that along with the bars. It has an intense beam, a small but steady lever. It’s famous for its combination of lightweight and massive performance.

Its bars and screws are made of steel, but some sash clamps are made of aluminum. You will see cast iron in some body parts.

Uses of Sash Clamps

Every clamp has a definite area of work, so what’s the working area of Sash Clamps? It’s quite simple; it assembles larger workpieces of wood. Holding together, working on bigger surfaces are its primary usage.

It can go through narrow and wide surfaces, so, we see its usage in woodshops, cabinetry, furniture shops. It can construct and repair your furniture. So this tool is another one you can trust.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Assemblies
  • Welding

What is Quick Action Clamp?

A quick action clamp is a multitasking clamp with the features of F-clamp and bar clamp. This tool is made of steel, but it’s not strong enough for heavy-duty. You can use this clamp for temporary holdings because it’s easy to use.

Pull or slide the screw back and forth along with beam; tighten the handles. That’s how you can use your quick action clamp. Its locking system prevents accidental opening, so it’s trustable.

Uses of Quick Action Clamp

It’s essential for woodwork, welding, carpeting. You can use a quick action clamp while repairing or making furniture. Use the clamps carefully, because putting excessive pressure will damage your clamps. On the other hand, you will hurt yourself too.

Though this clamp has versatile functions, apply it only where it’s necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s manual while using a quick action clamp.

Ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • One handed
  • Speed
  • Adjusting clamp capacity


The list of types of woodworking clamps and when to use them is long. Manufacturers are coming up with their inventions, that’s why the variety of clamps is increasing. Remember, you can’t use a clamp where you don’t need it.

All manufacturers don’t produce their devices in the same method. So, it’s better if you know about the model before buying it. There are so many options in front of you, take your time to select a clamp for your woodwork.

You can own a clamp for your household; there’s no restriction. If you’re a professional woodworker or thinking of starting your shop, you should own multiple clamps styles.Parallel Clamp

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