What’s the Difference? Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

Power saws have brought a revolutionary change in the woodworking industry. When you are a DIYer, usually you want something that can be helpful to get the project done in a short time. In the woodworking industry, the most used saws are miter saws and table saws.

Each of them has their unique way of operating to cut woods and, their uses fall back to different areas. What Saw you need depends on the type ofproject you are up to. However, in some cases, you may need them both.

So, before buying one, you need to put both of them in the hot seat and understand which goes best with your project. So, what’s the difference between a miter saw vs. a table saw? Let’s find out!

What is Miter Saw?

A miter saw is a woodcutting machine with a circular blade mounted on a swing arm that you can bring down on your work piece to do the cutting. "A miter saw is like a cousin brother of the table saw" they are not much different from each other's as both use rotating circular blades when cutting woods.

However, the miter was designed to perform a specific task, while a table saw turns out to be an allrounder.

A miter is specifically used in making precise crosscuts and angular cuts. You can set their swing mounter blades in various angles. And that's what makes it a game-changer when making accurate cuts.

This saw design allows you to have great maneuverability over it, so you make cuts as you like. Miter saws are not as common as table saws, but still, they are a worthy player.

What is Table Saw?

You must have seen a table saw if you are well-acquainted with handiwork. So, I'm guessing you know very well what a table saw looks like.

But if you aren't, that's ok, let me explain, the name almost explains it, yeah, a table saw comes with a flat table with a saw blade attached to it. You can make different cuts using it.

Don't get confused here; a table is designed to perform a specific role. You will see a circular saw blade that is sticking out from tables surface of the table between a slit.

The blade has attached a motor placed below the table which, you can raise and lower depending on your needs.

You will table saws in most of the woodworking workshops, whether it's being-operated by a professional or an amateur. It's an outstanding woodcutting machine with a fascinating multifunctional ability to widen the horizon of your work choices.

They also offer a variety of models. Also, you can find both mobile tables and stationary saws at almost all hardware stores.

The 11 Difference of Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

So, here goes the million-dollar question what’s the Difference?  Miter Saw vs. Table Saw.

Let's get into the details:

Cutting Ability

You will get flat table support when cutting wood by using a table saw. As a user, you will get to control and push the wood towards a spinning saw blade placed in the middle of the table. So, as you can see, when it comes to cut a large chunk of wood, this is the best choice you have.

You will get to put a strip of wood in a miter saw, such as a trim board or siding plank, on a cramped base at the head of your saw, then lower down the spinning blade manually in order to cut the finish line of the strip.

Cutting Angles

When it comes to cutting angles, nothing can beat the efficiency of a miter saw. You can resolve the tip of the miter saw from the side to cut the object however you want. That's why miter saws are popular and widely used in the carpentry industry. And the reason is their pinpoint accuracy when cutting woods.

On the other hand, cutting woods precisely with a table saw isn't that easy because you will have to place the wood at a right angle and grab it steady when pushing it through the spinning blade. If you want to buy a miter saw here, we have picked up the best miter saw blades currently available on the market.

In Cutting Bevels

Miter saws show excellent performance in cutting bevels. That's why beveled cuts are most popular when it comes to trim work, allowing you to have a seamless transition when you are installing trims in the corners.

You can adjust the blade of the saw from beneath the table to cut the bevel too. Same as cutting angles, when it comes down to bevels, it comes to a real challenge for you. If you are a beginner, you will do much better with a miter saw when cutting bevels. Here we have the best fine-cut miter saw blades for you.

When Making Longer Cuts

As you know, a miter saw works by lowering the spinning blade so; you won't be able to make longer cuts than the blade's width. When cutting wider objects, you also need a wider blade. Therefore, a miter saw can't perform that well as a table saw.

Because a table saw is designed to make cutting any length of the board as the blade in it is stationary, and the wood piece is pushed into the blade. If you have decided to buy a table saw here, we have some of the best table saw in the market. 


You will find most of the table saw hard to move as they come with solid steel legs or attached to a cabinet. So, that makes them heavy to move that easily. On the other hand, most of the miter saws come in the 22–28 kg range; therefore, you can just carry them on the backside of a pickup van or even car.

So, you can take them wherever you have to. If you are looking for great portability, then a miter saw is the one you need.

Getting Precise Cut

When it comes to precision, a miter saw turns out to be a game-changer. When you are using a table, saw you wouldn’t get good maneuverability in controlling the wood. So, getting a precise cut becomes near impossible.

On the other hand, a miter saw will offer you fantastic maneuverability. Again, it comes with a light-weight design making it a champion in getting precise cut.


No power tools are 100% safe.  So, when using one, you should take the manufactures safety guidelines seriously. But when it comes to comparison between these two saws, it turns out table saws cause more injuries than a miter saw. And most of these injuries are caused by the kickback of the machine.


As you know, miter saws are not able to cut a large chunk of wood. On the other hand, a table saw goes all the way around, giving you the ultimate ability to cut any types of wood you want.


A miter saw will cost you around 100$ for the model of the compact eight-inch model. And for a contractor-quality sliding miter saw, the price may reach around 1,900$. When it comes to a table saw, you may have to spend near about $200 and may reach up to 2,800$ for a high-quality saw that comes with a built-in cabinet.

Final Words:

A table saw will give you a lot of options compared to a miter saw. If you are going to purchase a saw for your carpentry work, we would recommend you get a table saw. But if you are planning to buy a saw for just cutting wide boards, a miter saw will just do fine.

So, what’s the difference between amiter saw vs. a table saw? Well,now you know. Further, now you can obviously see thatwhat you will use will depend on what project you are undertaking.

Happy crafting!

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