5 Types of Sawhorses: advantage and disadvantage

In this write-up, we are going to show you how to use plastic sawhorses in the right way, including the 5 Types of Sawhorses. And why you really need to use them for your upcoming DIY projects. To get all the necessary pieces of information, make sure to stay connected with us.

The toughest thing about DIY is not only finding the time but finding the right space also. Most of the people want to apply the shortcut method and don't invest in a specific surface where they can cut a piece of material with ease.

Consequently, they could have to end up with a bad result. That's the reason why we always recommend you to pick out a sawhorse so that you can accomplish your DIY projects in a breeze!

What is a Sawhorse?

What is a sawhorse? in general sawhorse is a durable frame that is generally made of wood, plastic, or metal. It is designed for holding a piece of material that you are going to cut through a jigsaw, hand saw, or circular saw. Also, it aids in creating a rigid work surface for your materials.

The sawhorse also and the Portable Workbenches both are essential tools for a DIY or Woodworking project.

Most of the time it is used by professionals while they work in construction sites, you can find many homeowners using it as well for their working purposes. When it comes to shape, it is quite common, which consists of two legs that shaped like an "A."

What type of sawhorse are there

When it comes to sawhorses, you will find three different types of Sawhorses, including:

  • Metallic Sawhorse
  • Wooden Sawhorse
  • Plastic Sawhorse
  • Chainsaw Sawhorse
  • Lightweight Sawhorse

Metallic Sawhorse

Sturdy and heavy-duty, metallic sawhorses are one of the most popular choices among professional DIY'ers. You can't make a piece of metallic sawhorse by yourself, as it is relatively tough to build as well as repair.

It ensures ultimate longevity due to the rigid steel body. However, you have to maintain it in a proper way, always keep it away from the rain or water so that it could last for long.


  • Ideal for metal cutting purposes.
  • The best option for professional workers.
  • Durable construction.
  • Quite easy to store since it features foldable legs.
  • With better maintenance, it lasts for long.


  • Saw blades could be damaged by accidentally striking with the metallic sawhorse.
  • It may get rusty if you leave it outside!

Wooden Sawhorse

It is one of the most commontypes among beginners who are very new in the field of DIY-projects. This traditional type of sawhorse is quite heavy yet rigid.

It is flexible, reliable, and able to hold enough weight. You don't have to end up with damaged saw blades in case you accidentally strike the sawhorse while cutting through a jigsaw or chainsaw.

Fortunately, anyone can make wood sawhorse at home by just applying a few techniques. Furthermore, the way of repairing is pretty much simple rather than the rest.


  • Beginner’s choice.
  • Much flexible and reliable than others.
  • There is no chance of ending up with the damaged blades.
  • Quite easy to prepare at home.
  • The replacement process is another plus.


  • A bit uncomfortable for a few users since it is heavy.
  • Rare to find a wooden sawhorse with foldable legs!

Plastic Sawhorse

It is one of the handiest options out there that could be beneficial for those who need a sawhorse for light working purposes, like for painting, cutting plywood, or these types of mild projects. Many people also use it as a temporary worktable.

It stands out from the rest when it comes to flexibility, whereas you can fold it with ease in order to store it in a tight area. But remember, if you are going to do some heavy tasks, then this particular sawhorse is not for you!

As it comes with a foldable option, so it will be easy to use, just ensure to open the sawhorse while you need to cut the pieces of materials. After using it, you can fold again for closing it and store the thing in a tight area since it takes a little space only.


  • Lightweight rather than others.
  • Easily foldable and takes a small area to store.
  • Ideal for heavy wood lumber, use chainsaws.


  • Not the best option for tough jobs.

Chainsaw Sawhorse

So, if you try to cut wood in a wooden saw with a chainsaw, you will have a real mess. Your cuts will be dislocated, the saw will be damaged, or you may injure yourself. So, what can you do then?

These differences are effective here. They give you the ability to hold your logs tightly. That way, they won’t mess up their position so that you can get a clean cut. In addition, the chainsaw vibrations do not interfere with your accuracy as well, as the logs will remain in place.


  • Lightweight rather than others.
  • Easily foldable and takes a small area to store.
  • Ideal for heavy wood lumber, use chainsaws.


  • Cannot be used for anything other than chainsaw.

Lightweight Sawhorse

Yes, wood saws are usually light, but always make sure to keep the right amount of weight to leave the functionality. That’s just the quality of most horses. What is its effectiveness? However, there are cases when you may need a portable corks horse to take up space for a small project.

This is where lightweight variants come in. They are usually cheap and light but leave durability and functionality for them. This is not ideal if you are doing heavy-duty work or even standard work on that subject.


  • Lightweight rather than all others.
  • Easily foldable, easy to store.
  • Ideal for Carry and light projects.


  • Not the best option for heavy task.

Why do you need a Sawhorse?

As per our previous mention, sawhorse is highly able to provide you the support that you need to cut a piece of material, which can either be woods, metals, or any other things.

As a DIY worker, you definitely need an adequate amount of space to work on projects, in that case, we always recommend getting a foldable, flexible, and durable sawhorse so that you can accomplish your DIY projects successfully.

Not only it helps to work indoor, but you can also use a sawhorse for outdoor working purposes, which could be another plus point for you. By having a pair of sawhorses, you can keep all the necessary tools closer to you.


Why are sawhorses called sawhorses?

For making of boats, the curved nature of the cross-beams, the wood-carved designs used for the lumbar, were called sea-horse movements.

A term derived from the Old Norse entered the Northumbrian dialect, it is thought by Norwegian settlers as early as the 14th century.

What do you use sawhorses for?

Some have already considered using two corn horses to make it a portable workbench on their own. With a thick plank of solid wood, secure clamps at both ends hold the objects in place to hold and varnish. You can fix each saw foot to sustain projects to get the woodwork done.

What is the best angle for sawhorse legs?

An angle of about 65 degrees from the straight line or 25 degrees from the edge of the board should work fine for the horse’s legs to spread well; These angles are 90 degrees and should be.

End Quote

A sawhorse is a must-have tool that you really need in your every DIY working season. If you have to work with a jigsaw or a chainsaw on a regular basis, then this particular tool is very essential for you.

We hope you have earned enough knowledge regarding plastic sawhorse, as well as a metallic and wooden sawhorse. So, are you going to purchase this masterpiece in order to simplify your projects?

You will reach out the Best Portable Workbenches.

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