Impeccable Guide On The common random orbital sander mistakes

Random orbital sanders are sanding devices. You can use this device to prepare a surface during painting. You use these devices before and after your painting job. Random orbital sanders functions both back and forth. Furthermore, it can also move in a circular motion.

Moreover, you can also use an orbital sander on woods and plastics. Furthermore, you can also use the product for metals. There are several common random orbital sanders mistakes too.

You can use the orbital sanders for multiple purposes. One of them is headlight bobbing. Headlights develop a new film of texture over time. This prevents the headlight from glowing to its maximum capability.

Thus, your car suffers from poor night vision—bobbing chips off the upper layer, which became darkened—furthermore enhancing the look and retaining its original beauty. Moreover, the orbital sander is also used for the Hardwood floors. For that, you need to know How to Sand a Hardwood Floor.

You should also know that random orbital sanders are much better than common orbital sanders. A random orbital sander makes less visible cross-grain scratching. Furthermore, it can take off much more than the normal orbital sander.

However, every product has its share of flaws. Orbital sanders are of no exceptions. There are several common random orbital sander mistakes. Read more to know further about it. Moreover, there are several best random orbital sander.

Some Of The Common Random Orbital Sander Mistakes 

Below we have listed some of the most common random sander orbital mistakes. Take enough precautions to avoid these mistakes. Furthermore, take all the points into equal importance.

Slow Down While Sanding

One of the most common random orbital sander mistakes is regarding the speed of oscillation. You will be surprised that the speed is less than one inch per second approximately.

common orbital sander mistakes

Moreover, the speed per linear foot can also vary between ten and twelve seconds. This is a common random orbital sander mistake because one might feel that this speed is too low as well as toilsome too much.

However, to make the oscillations perfectly, this is necessary. Furthermore, you can achieve a smooth surface and reduction in swirl patterns too.

Don’t Press Down Into The Wood.

Do not add extra pressure while doing the task is a common random orbital sander mistake that needs to be avoided. Also, even the tiniest bit of pressure too can cause problems.

So the best way to avoid common random orbital sander mistakes is to let the tool's weight and your hand do the job. Therefore, it is advisable to allow the paper to do the work on its own, without slowing and obstructing it.

Use A Vacuum To Clean Up Dust Ever Singe Time

Another common random orbital sander mistake is to not use a vacuum to clean dust. It is highly recommended. Moreover, there is an increase in the efficiency’s of orbital sander.

Moreover, the airborne specks of dust are removed too. Furthermore, the layer of dust between the paper and wood is removed too during the suction. To cut down common random orbital sander mistakes, it is advised to use a vacuum because the speed of the work increases.

This is because the contact of the grits with the project is always there. So a uniformly smooth surface can be obtained easily, at a faster pace.

Don’t Tilt Your Sander Ever.

You should not tilt the sander. This will cause imperfections and cause severe burn marks. The burning mark will not go by tilting the sander. Furthermore, it does not even boost your workflow at all too. Moreover, hand sanding is highly recommended. This will ensure better precision. Moreover, another way to deal with inconsistencies would be to use a hand plane.

You do not need to worry about the timetable. Moreover, it will take very less time to do the work.

Use A Variety Of Grits, But Not All Of Them

We’ll now be looking at another way to reduce common random orbital sander mistakes, which is through the use of random grits. Designed as a team, sandpaper grits help in removing patterns of the scratch of the previous surface.

Furthermore, a girt disc cannot achieve perfection. It would be best if you used your hand for the precision that customers want. One does not need to use a variety of grits at 80-100-120-150-180-220-320.

Moreover, it would help if you only did at 100,150, and 220. Furthermore, to cut down random orbital sander mistakes, the medium 100 can be of great use to remove stock faster. This will also give a great finishing look which has a uniformly smooth surface.

Do The Last Part Of Finishing With The Help Of Your Hand

It is not possible to achieve the best quality of surface with a sanding machine. For that, you need to use your natural machine, your hand. Moreover, use your hand on the last step of your work.

Using the random orbital sander makes some marks. The swirl marks are visible and do not bring a good impression of smoothness. The swirl marks look worse after coloring like woods.

Moreover, those marks will not go without hand. Hence, it is necessary to use a hand to make your work perfect.

Furthermore, use the same grit and hand on the same sanding block. This step is after you have finished your work to 220 along with the sander. Moreover, Use the grain to sand only.

Do Not Pressurize Your Sanding Discs To Get More Or Less From It

Each sanding disc costs around 50 cents. These sanding discs are not expensive, nor are they precious. Furthermore, they cost very little than your wood you used to make the project. Therefore, never expect the sand disc to work more than its capability.

The disc might stop working after a certain time. The machine can be filled with dust, and debris might make the disc decay. Do not hesitate to replace the disc as this might cause serious quality issues in your work.

Replace the disc as soon as you see the problems. Moreover, you will understand when the sand discs have given up on themselves. You will get the consequences immediately.

However, do not throw the disc after a few usage times. Use the grit disc to the last bit. Moreover, they also have a second chance in their life. You can use it for targeted sanding projects like sand curves and rounded surfaces.

random orbital sander mistakes


Furthermore, you have to use rounded surfaces with your hand. They work well on the turning projects later. Keep a pile of used sanding discs. Use them on a later basis.

Moreover, you can also use them when you are out of the sheet of paper. They are useful often for these simple little tasks. Moreover, you are using every cent of it, which is good!


A random orbital sander is a very useful sanding device. Moreover, these tools are handy for hand tool work only. The random orbital sander has several immaculate features.

You should use the sander with its maximum potential to get more from it. To do so, you need to know the common random orbital sander mistakes.

The woodworks by hand using these random orbital sanders are good. They bring out immaculate results and excellent workflow.

There are some problems too. You should avoid them to get an excellent conclusion—finally, best of luck with your random orbital sander and its work.

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